Derek Yeomans

My Background & History

After leaving school I served a four year apprenticeship in the Merchant Navy and remained there for a further four years. I then joined the Fleet Air Arm as an observer in Sea Vixen carrier borne aircraft. On leaving the Royal Navy I then joined the Royal Fleet Auxiliary where I remained for 30 years until my retirement in 1997. 

I was elected to the South Somerset District Council in 1999 and the County Council in 2001. I am currently still the South Somerset District Councillor for Burrow Hill Ward, but stood down as County Councillor for Curry Rivel and Langport after 16 years' service.


I have been a trustee of The Warehouse Trust/Great Bow Wharf since its creation by Ecos Homes -where they converted the ruined listed warehouse out of some of the profits from their Ecos Homes development on the site. The Rural Development Agency, as they were then known, required that the board of trustees should comprise of two members of the Ecos management and two members of the Langport Area Development Trust (LADT) of which I was one.

Goals for GBW

That the building can become profitable and the aim be that the warehouse increases its footfall not just as a cafe run by an external tenant, but also as a hub for information, entertainment and the acquiring of skills which was the original premise of the trust's formation.

What would you like to bring to the trust? What do you feel your role is as a trustee?

The main factor of being a trustee is to ensure that the Great Bow Wharf complies with the regulations set out by the Charity Commission. Statements of the current events and accounts are sent out by email at the end of each month and this enables us, as the trustees, to be kept up to date.

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