Clive Sills

My Background & History

Before retiring to Langport I was an executive with various bookselling companies in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. I trained in business management in the UK dealing in retail management, marketing, shop design and product innovation.


Chair of the Trustee Committee and as such watchful of the day to day operation of the charity with the management company SBA. Also representing the charity in local activities.

Goals for GBW

Creating a good working environment for those working in our offices.
Making sure the charity abides by its charter.
As a major building in the community and for the community making sure Great Bow Wharf is used to best advantage.

What would you like to bring to the trust? What do you feel your role is as a trustee?

To make sure the Trust maintains a steady and secure operation which is able to pay its way and develop services and activities appropriate for Langport and other local communities.

Any additional comments

It is an independent local charity. To develop, it requires the skills and insights of volunteers who would be welcome to join or be associated with the running of the Trust.

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