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SBA provides advice, guidance and support to individuals, micro businesses and start ups as well as those businesses looking to grow. We also support individuals to develop new skills and take the next steps in their careers.

SBA has provided business advice and support to thousands of businesses and individuals across Somerset and have had the pleasure in watching businesses thrive with the guidance of our excellent specialist business advisers.

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Cathy Harrison

Counsellor and psychotherapist

Cathy has worked in the "people" field for many years and have a passion for good mental health support for all. she feels, be it counselling, therapy or skilled support work it needs to be open ended, along side and in partnership with the client. Presently mental health has very poor funding from the government and a poor deal from the NHS, there is a great deal of denial around the need for a quality service that makes a difference for the client, and is able to respond as needed rather the very prescriptive rigid model that is in current use.

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Number 07803403778


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