Previous Exhibitions

Jane Hearn - April 2017

Jane Hearn

Jane's exhibition of digital prints, forming kaleidoscopic patterns which are bursting with colour.

Every piece is design from her own original photos that has been edited  to create  unique pictures that will brighten any room.

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Pamela Legg - March 2017

Pamela's acrylic on canvas paints show her love of history with beautiful and dark old street scenes illustrated in most of her paintings. Every piece has a good sense of humor shown by its little curious animals hiding in the background and the star of every painting, Gutterman.

"Eventually I decided to combine my humor and interest in cartoons with my paintings hence my creation of the little 'Gutterman' character." - Pamela

Come and check out Pamela's paints at the Wharf today or check out her website.

Pauline Sayers - January 2017

An uplifting exhibition of paintings which celebrates the beautiful and varied light of Somerset and the South West.

In this exhibition Pauline uses oils and acrylics to explore the effects of the ever changing light on land, water and sea, especially of the Somerset Levels and the West Country coast.

Gordon Coldwell - August 2016

Each of Gordon's pieces is made by importing original and sourced pictorial content into two kinds of image manipulating software, the composition is then constructed, developed and finessed on an iPad and PC.  The evolving work is sent back and forth between software and hardware to achieve desired look and feel.

Each work is then Giclee printed onto white Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper or canvas stretched on board. The final stage is to enliven the surface by adding highlighted areas of gouache or acrylic pigment with brush work.

Each piece has the potential to be produced on a very large scale but all works remain unique because of the final hand painted stage.

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Caron Coldwell - July 2016

Caron Coldwell's decorated paper cast spoons, utensils and pots works successfully blur the boundaries between fine art and craft – thematically, these works reference e.g. history, costume, style, TV, cinema etc... imagery that provokes a kind of cultural nostalgia.

Each work results from layering torn newspaper that is pasted onto various cutlery items and ceramic vases. When dry, the paper is separated from its mold. Each feather weight cast piece then has collage and acrylic paint added to the surface as a final stage.

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Kate C Norton - February - July 2016

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